What About My Name?


What About My Name?

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Geraldene Makhosazane Myaka.

What About My Name? What about Geraldene Makhosazane Myaka? is inspired by Heritage month. Heritage celebrated through out  September and being my birthday month. I mean it is the perfect timing to self-reflect on the things that makes us who we are.

“What About My Name?”. I mean this is a question that i often ask myself, and this had came with a lot of my interaction with my friends, people that i had meet for the first time or people that i know . What is your name?. I mean , i would just take two minutes of thinking to myself not this again. I  know how they would react if i said “My name is Geraldene, but you can call me Jerry”.Always i would  speak so fast so they wouldn’t ask me things like “What?”. “I have never heard of you name before or what does you name mean?”.

That is so frustrating, i mean  they telling me that , they have never heard of my name before. Or they would ask ” Don’t you have like a Zulu name? , I would replied ” Oooh you can call me Makhosazane”. Really, we went all through that work to get my name. Then i though, you know what  i should be grateful that one can take time to know about my name, my identity and where i come from.

SO What About My Name?!!. My name is Geraldene Makhosazane Myaka. Geraldene given by father, which was taken from his name Gerald. I mean that makes sense right. It means exactly that, named after my father. Either than that we have been blessed with google. Google is the answer lol. I swear some of what  you will find defines me to a T.

Makhosazane means i was  the first  daughter at my house. Growing up in a Polygamy household. That would mean each and every child would have their own house. In my case my father always had first born girls from different women , that would be on my mother and my stepmother.  Being a last born daughter to my father and a first born daughter at my house . The name came about. My mom always told me that my father, was surprise when he heard she had given birth to a baby girl. In his mind he already had daughters and sons, but my mother being second wife traditionally. Ideally having a son in a new house was in a way a good thing.

When also my grandmother  heard she was surprised, because they had wonder why my father always started with girls. Hence my father and my grand mother said ”Inkosazane yakwabo” which translate to “First daughter or lady or princess at her house” or “First girl child at her house”.That is the story behide Makhosazane.

So allow me to introduce my name. My name is Geraldene Makhasazane Myaka.







When you see me, call me U mamyaka.

Sidenote: I just realized recently that my father and i share the same initials “GMM”.  

How cool is that!!

“I can’t erase my identity.

I can’t turn back time.

I can’t live.

Without my name”.

By Steven

We all have stories about our names, lets share our stories by commentating and liking this post.

And remember there is currency in being yourself”




Hello my beautiful People!

My Name is Geraldene Makhosazane Myaka. Wellcome to my blog, discovering, learning and fun is what we will have here.

First thing first, allow me to tell  a little story  behind the name of my blog “ISIQHAZA”, some people may know that name and some may not.

Isiqhaza is the word that is familiar  with the Nguni people in South Africa specifically Zulu Nation “Yeah like Shaka Zulu” if you familiar with him, living mainly in Natal. If you not familiar with the history of the great man Shaka Zulu, do not worry i got you in my future posts. Isiqhaza has basically two meaning, first one is an earring, earring called isiqhaza which was worn by the Zulu tribe to differentiate them from other tribes. As black people in South African, there are tribe division within us blacks in which we do not share the typically same language, traditions and cultures. In which shows how as South Africa is a diverse country.

This would mean if certain people from different tribes moves to the cities, there were things that were used differentiate them from other tribes. Isiqhaza was the earring that usually Zulu people wore. Second meaning was used for person who was not educated “Uncivilized” and that word used for Zulu nation people. The difference is where i come from the word was used as way of being proud of your identity and roots. In a way this word has always had a negative image to it, especially in this new age of society.

Naming my blog “Isiqhaza” has come a lot with self work and taking pride in something that i was ashamed at for the longest time which was my identity and names as a young black Zulu woman.

In which was a struggle since my parents come from two different cultures backgrounds and not being married had came with a lot struggles  of which traditions and cultural aspects of my parents identities should i adopt as a way of living .

The famous question that i was usually asked growing up  was what are you “Are you Zulu?” or “Are you Colored?” Was it because of my features, how i spoke, acted or maybe could have been  mostly my names. Funny because both of those  tribes had its negative connotation at least that what i use to think growing. In which Zulu was bad when it comes to how people perceived the tribe, because it was the one that i grew being familiar with and what my father thought me about as a Zulu girl growing up.

The word isiqhaza was famously used to identified us Zulu people, especially the one’s coming from the rural areas. Not being educated, we only knew how to farm, have a lot of cattle,living in the most rural areas, basically being behide with everything and not being very easily influenced with things that had come with change. The colored side was not familiar with it, so things i would usually get would be “Oooh you colored but you attend schools that are not normally suited for colored girl”, since colored were persevered as being more better than Zulu people at the time.  Which for me at the time was confusing as to what the statement meant.

But through growth, finding myself and when i think about it even the passing of my father  at the a very young age.I had come to realize how special and unique i am, because of the values my father thought me and the lesson that he made me feel without him having to say much or teach me. Through his action and how he expressed his identity without shame. Those were some of the lessons that i learnt from him.

The word had came to mind was “Isiqhaza” and how i define Isiqhaza was someone who is rooted in culture,proudly needed to be the light of one’s purpose {Basically we all come from different backgrounds which are heavily influenced by culture, language, traditions and religion, we all have our own word for “ISIQHAZA” in our  tribes. But what is important is how we come from those social construction and build one’s identity without shame, becacuse we all human that has a purpose to live a life that is proud regardless of what others may say},  people to be the light of all that is beautifully connected with self. Well to be quite honest that is that is not even close to what i define as Isiqhaza. I hope my actions “Energy” will be felt as to what i define “ISIQHAZA”.


And remember there is currency in being yourself”